Weekend Wrap-Up: 21/05/11

21 05 2011

American Psycho (2000): 78/100

Christian Bale gives a charismatic performance as Patrick Bateman and the movie has a wonderful dark humor to it.

Chocolat (2000): 64/100

– Ranges from extremely dramatic to very light but doesn’t excel in either area. Although it doesn’t present anything new in terms of story structure either, it is a different enough take on a fairly standard film to be worth a watch.

3-Iron (2004): 83/100

A strikingly original, Buddhist-infused drama. Borders on being different for the sake of being different, but blossoms nicely at the end.

The Consequences of Love (2004): 84/100

– Stylistically like a Wong Kar-Wai film during the first half, but keeps an even keel during the second and doesn’t quite go for it.

Eastern Promises (2007): 77/100

An intriguing yet uninteresting plot keeps this well acted drama from being as good as Cronenberg’s previous film “A History of Violence”.




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