Weekend Wrap-Up: 07/05/11

7 05 2011

I watch a lot of movies, and those I don’t have the time to properly review will be re-capped here.

Days of Being Wild (1990): 95/100

– Stylish and engaging, this early Wong Kar-Wai masterpiece lays the groundwork for his future films.

Requiem For A Dream (2000): 83/100

– An iconic soundtrack and difficult images make this slickly edited Aronofsky film thrilling and disturbing

Atonement (2007): 85/100

– The engrossing first half carries the event-less second but audiences may be able to forgive that with an intriguing ending and the jaw-dropping beach shot.

Goemon (2009): 44/100

A classic example of a a film not working because the director just doesn’t understand what makes a movie work. Lots of action and some cool visuals save it from being a complete disaster.

Daybreakers (2009): 49/100

A vampire movie that, although poorly made, is thought-provoking once or twice and very bloody the rest of the time.




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